Eggs Benedict

If breakfast is going to contain 705 calories, it had better be eggs Benedict. We can’t promise to cook all the recipes people might send us but a shout out to Al as he was the first to send a recipe to Half-assed Gourmets. It is a Gordon Ramsey recipe but we changed it slightly. Despite living in an English village, neither our local bakery nor the grocery had English breakfast muffins, although the bakery did kindly offer me cupcakes, so we used crusty rolls.

We also didn’t use Gordon’s hollandaise recipe this time around, as it is a pain in the ass to make. Hollandaise in general is Liz’s culinary White Whale. She fears it because she doesn’t understand it. So, instead of frantically balloon-whisking for 20 minutes only to have everything separate into an oily mess, we used a half-assed version from the BBC instead. It’s a little thin, but is going down nicely and doesn’t result in weeping food-failure tears.

Eggs Benedict is go-to brunch food in Brooklyn, and is normally accompanied by large volumes of bloody marys but sobriety is essential this afternoon, so we’re foregoing the vodka (for now).





Optional kitchen porn:
Dualit food processor
Egg white separator

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  1. Looks gorgeous, but you lost me at the part where sobriety was essential. xx

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