Caprese and Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Since lunch was essentially a tour of the lesser deadly sins, with Gluttony in a starring role, I had the idea of making a light, refreshing dinner. But I also wanted bacon in my face.

Bacon, as usual, won.

As a tip of the hat to light and refreshing, I made a really simple caprese salad with sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. As a tip of the hat to my mild OCD, I arranged its component parts in a satisfyingly ordered fashion. Also, it’s pretty, dammit.



Both the mozzarella and the tomatoes are a bit moist to just slap on the plate, so I cut them and patted them dry first on some paper towels to avoid oozing. This salad pretty much just needs fresh ground black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and it’s good to go.

As for the bacon in my face, when we were visiting friends in California a while ago, my friend Stacey busted out a lovely porcine treat: bacon-wrapped dates. The week we got back Steve and I bought a bag of pitted dates with the intention of making this again straight away. Then we forgot about the dates. Our cupboard is kind of like an abyss for food.


There’s all kinds of crap in there with a pretty shallow depth of field. Once something sinks below the event horizon of the first few rows of food, it usually takes a mildly cataclysmic event (frantic reshuffling) before we rediscover something that’s in the depths.

The dates resurfaced last week, and Steve’s parents surfaced this weekend, so dates, meet your piggy destiny.

The method is simple: take date, wrap in bacon, put in shallow casserole, bake at 200 c for about 30 minutes. Add bacon to face. Fin.



Kitchen porn:
Le Creuset 9 inch gratin dish
Crate & Barrel Kava serving platter

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  1. […] Bacon and dates are always your buddy, and god knows they go well with garlic soup with quails’ eggs, chicken and prawns, and lavender infused pears with honey and lemon. Looks like this: garlic soup chicken with mega prawns pears infused with saffron, lavender, honey and lemon […]

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