Matzo Ball Soup

So my wife’s away for a week in Asia, working in ridiculous heat and moving from air conditioned office to air conditioned conference room.  I get a phone call yesterday morning and a voice, barely recognisable as Liz, snuffles down the phone, ‘they’re flying me home tomorrow.  I’ll be in tomorrow evening.’  What am I supposed to do?  Cook, obviously.  And what does a sick New York girl want to eat when she’s been away from her husband for a week and feels like she’s been hit by a bus?  I’m hoping it’s this Jewish delicacy.

This recipe is one which Liz was given by a good friend of her’s, Reba.  It is Reba’s mom’s recipe for chicken soup and is lovingly scrawled in Reba’s hand on a scrap piece of card which is always easily accessible on our recipe book shelf.  I’ve never made this before and I’m not Jewish (although Liz says I’m tight) but it went something like this.


2 Breasts Chicken with bones and skin (I bought a whole chicken and just cut it in 4 pieces)

4 Carrots (cut in half)

4 Celery Sticks (cut in half)

1 Large Onion (quartered)


Salt and pepper to taste

Leeks (just the white part)



Put all ingredients in stock pot and fill with water…lots of water.  Bring to boil.  Boil for about 40-50 minutes and then scoop fat off top of water.  Don’t cover.

Bring down to medium heat-there should be movement on top of the water but not a lot.  Let cook for 1-2 hours until broth tastes good.

Take out all ingredients.  Throw out leeks and onions.  Cut celery, carrots and chicken and put back in soup.

You can add egg noodles ot matzo balls for the last 20 mins.

So I made the soup last night, added the matzo balls when I got in from work today and Liz will probably want an Indian takeaway for dinner.  Anyway, it’s very easy and it looks like this.

Optional kitchen porn:

None.  You just need a big pot.

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