Mustard and Cider Marinated Pork Chops

You should be getting the idea by now. We like simple, tasty food and occasionally go out of our way to cook something special…but not today. We marinade in the morning, turn a few times during the day (if we remember) and cook in the evening. This is a recipe for everyone who thinks apple and pork go together very well. Also for those who think alcohol can only improve a meal.

2 Large Pork Chops (our local butcher gets a shout again)
1 Can Cider
Wholegrain Mustard (eyeball it)
Thyme (a few sprigs)
Brown sugar (roughly 2 tsp)

Add everything but chops to freezer bag, squish around to thoroughly combine. Then add chops.
Marinate for at least a few hours (we let this sit all day) so the flavours mix and the cider can tenderise the meat a bit.
We grilled these on the BBQ outside, but a griddle pan or even a frying pan would do in a pinch.

Serve with green salad or other veg. I think this’d be super tasty with spinach or broccoli, and maybe nice rice pilaf for an autumnal dinner. As it’s summer, screw the pilaf.




Optional kitchen porn:
Massive BBQ
Tesco freezer bags

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