Homemade Spaghetti

There are many pasta recipes out there but we keep it very simple. Fresh pasta is so much tastier than any dried varieties and is very simple.

Recipe (for 2 portions):
2 large eggs
200g pasta flour (or probably slightly more)

Add the flour and eggs to a food processor and blitz. If it is too wet, add some more flour and blitz again. The mixture should look a bit like breadcrumbs (see picture). Pour the mixture out and knead gently until it all comes together. Break a section off and run through the largest setting (1) on the pasta roller. Flour, fold in half and run it through again. Repeat this until it is soft and flexible. Once you get to this stage, adjust the pasta roller and run it through on decreasing sizes until you have a thin sheet (usually about setting 5). Hang over pasta tree and repeat until the whole mixture is in sheets. If you want tagliatelle, you can just roll up the sheets gently at this stage and cut into approx 1/2cm strips.
For spaghetti, use relevant attachment and run the sheets through. Hang the spaghetti on the pasta tree. Once all your spaghetti or tagliatelle is made, gently lay in a pile on the table, sprinkle with a generous amount of flour and lift and separate. Cook immediately in a very large pan of boiling water with some olive oil added. It usually takes a couple of minutes to cook and make sure you stir immediately it is added to stop the pasta sticking together.
This recipe is for generous portions for 2 people. You can make as much as you like but I would recommend doing the whole process in batches with these measurements. This stops the pasta getting too dry and once it is made, it can hang on the tree until the whole batch is done.





Optional kitchen porn:
Dualit food processor
Kitchenaid mixer with pasta and spaghetti attachments
Pasta tree

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