An Indian cooking lesson with Sheel

Today we spent the whole afternoon cooking an Indian meal with the beautiful, talented, Sheel Patel. I couldn’t possibly put the recipes up in full for two different reasons. One, the recipes include secret ingredients for garam masala which even Sheel doesn’t have access to (it was mixed in India and brought back by Sheel’s mum). Second, nothing is measured and everything is done by look and then taste. We made three different dishes, all of which included a home made adhu murju (combination of chilli, garlic and ginger). 20140531-203707-74227194.jpg Lamb kebabs were first. This was made with lamb mince, adhu murju, salt, cumin, coriander and a small onion (blitzed), garam masala, red chilli powder, an egg and turmeric. Mixed together, rolled into kebabs and cooked on the barbecue. Served with raita. 20140531-204424-74664401.jpg 20140531-204424-74664244.jpg We then made jeera chicken. Jeera is Indian for cumin. We used 8 chicken drumsticks (slashed) with 2 chicken breasts (in small cubes) which was marinaded for a few hours in a mixture of adhu murju, black peppercorns, cumin seeds, cumin powder, salt, small onion, rapeseed oil and lemon juice added at the end. After marinating, this was cooked in a wok over a fairly low heat, moving it continuously until the chicken was cooked. Served over rice cooked with a small bit of butter and cumin seeds. 20140531-205133-75093029.jpg 20140531-205133-75093191.jpg 20140531-205133-75093352.jpg The last dish was dahl. This is Indian lentils (which according to Sheel are actually mung beans), onion, tomato, adhu murju, curry leaves, cumin seeds and turmeric. The lentils were cooked in a lot of water with a sprinkling of turmeric for about 40-45 minutes until they split. Then, in a separate pan, the onions were fried, then the adhu murju, curry leaves, tomatoes and cumin seeds were added and cooked for a couple of minutes. This mix was then stirred into the cooked lentil and water mix. Served in a bowl (like a thick soup) as a side dish. 20140531-210324-75804583.jpg Optional kitchen porn: Sheel bought us a spice tin (dabbau) which is very cool. 20140531-210441-75881279.jpg

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