Molecular Gastronomy with Jody and Gary

I’m not quite sure where to go with this. We have cooked many things in many different ways. We have tried new things and as the blog says, ‘we’ll cook anything once’. We’ve cooked with Jody and Gary on a few occasions and we always have a good time. The drink and conversation flows freely and we work we’ll together in the kitchen. We will definitely cook with them again.

That said, I think I can honestly say that we won’t be rushing back to molecular gastronomy. My sister bought me a kit over a year ago and it has taken until now to open it. It came with all the required chemicals and pipettes, syringes and slotted spoon. A lovely idea and we were looking forward to the experience.

Usually we will give you the recipes we use so you can try them yourself but unless you have agar-agar, calcium lactate, sodium alginate and soy lecithin in your pantry, it would be completely pointless. If you do, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll happily send you the recipes. Instead, please see pictures of what we made and don’t concern yourself with the unending faffery that went into the end product.

Having said all that, it was great fun and not an experience we will forget. We started with some tomatoes stuffed with red wine vinegar pearls and goats cheese. These were delicious.


After a complete mojito bubble failure, we made spherical tzatziki. These were not a failure but were slimey and disgusting and ruined some great tzatziki which Jody had made.


We made tempura and served it with soy sauce foam (I’ll blog this next with the tempura recipe) and then finished off with some yoghurt served with fruit spaghetti. Again, this was delicious but it took us over 15 minutes to make 6 spaghetti strings.


Overall, an enjoyable time never to be repeated.

Non-optional kitchen porn:
Molecular gastronomy kit

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