Mexican feast with Tony and Eddie

Some days things go perfectly to plan. Other days…well…!  Let me clarify. The food today has been amazing but we ended with one of those absolute disasters, which if you cook, and try new things, you will hopefully be familiar with. Keep reading and all will be explained.

We started with fish tacos. I should have known that things were not going to go smoothly when I forgot to take any photos. Sorry! You’re going to have to take my word for it that marinaded cod, cooked and flaked, with vinegar soaked onions and a fresh salsa, wrapped in a tortilla, with a bit of sour cream, is delicious. And this was just the starter. The recipe was from

The main course was a Christmas meatloaf. Meat wrapped around eggs. This recipe is called ‘pastel de carne navideno’ and was found on We left out the olives but it was delicious and we served it with a winter salad from the Wahaca cookbook. This part of the meal was a complete success.

And then we came to dessert.  We made churros…or we tried to. The recipe was to make 20 churros. We thought that was way too many so we halved the recipe. I’m not sure what quite went wrong but the mixture wasn’t thick enough. And then the oil wasn’t quite hot enough. And therefore the result did not look quite right. The chocolate sauce was fantastic. If you want to try this recipe from I’m sure you will have more success than we did. The result tasted good but you can judge the presentation for yourself. There is a reason we’re half-assed.

We had an amazing day cooking with great friends and that is much more important than sad looking churros. You need to google a picture of churros to see just how bad these are.


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